Friday, December 5, 2008

// kepade mereka yg perasan dan takde perasaan.

today is friday dan aku amatla kebosanannye...dan tibe2 aku terase amatla marah apabilanye ade la sorang nie yang prasan sgt aku syok kt die..adus..blahla wei! benci lagi ada la!
aku just mntk ym die je pon..xde nk ngorat pon..x ingin tau x! setakat ko nie...x pyhla..dan kau sdg dilanda kebencian yg amatla sgt!
jadi, kepada sesiapa yg perasaan tu..sedarla..anda x hot pon dan i really hate you! for God sake!

to whom i concern ;
  1. aku x suke kau la!
  2. boleh blah!
  3. jgn prasan sgt!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

//the frreedom

today is tuesday, the second day aku kt umah...huhu..feels more maktab, and no more problems.i'm completely free from everything. (=
one thing that i miss the most is my friends and him of course!
Before i went back, syud had gave me the letter and it was sad.I was crying like a baby. She make me miss her.Adoi!
On the letter, she said :
ainun, jaga diri elok-elok,jage solat,
holds on Quran n mathurat,
lepas nie da xde sape2 nk tego kite or nasihat kite.
and that's what she said...n i realise that i'm growing to be an adult, a matured more crying, no more manje2. i have to be independent! VERY! the reality is always ugly.
now, aku dah kebosanan di rumah.Doin nothing except on9..(: heaven gile..hari ni konon2 nk pegi tgk wyg kt xjadi disebbkan ade 2 org adek aku yg aku tatau nk cmpk mane.xpe2...tomorrow is my birthday n i wish foe hom to wish me..i pray hard to Allah. semoga dimakbulkan. amin. ;)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

//raya only come once in a year..i had so much fun during raya..there's a lot of food that i ate samai aku pon da terkembong mcmla belon xpe..ibu kate..makanla selagi boleh makan..wasn't that cool! huhuhuhu...tahon nih aku dapat byk sket duit raye..i mean a lot more than last year.heee mata duitan aku!ade la jgk aku meng snap photo sane sini..heee..seronok aku.raye rumah org xdela byk sgt..but it was a mean time, i was pressured by my cousin who also a SPM victim's. There were all struggling maut and i was OMG! i am not goin to be that kind of bad i am...sheesh..bak kate study smart..xkn waktu raya pon nk bace buku

*p/s : to my dear cousin,don't read books during's time to eat..and eat..and EAT! weeee! ;)

Sunday, September 28, 2008


salam...setelah beberapa kesalahan yg aku tlh lakukan di post yg lepas..aku xkn ulg! dat was awful.semalam, i went shopping with my family..di mane duit bapa aku jadik mcm air terjun kt burmese pool belakang umah aku..sorry dad! heee =D
whatever it is, i enjoyed the time with my family n 4 the first time in four month i met with my sepupu...lebey kurangla.athirah, muizz n azim..missing them much! gilak ah..smbg habis gmpk ah...
to my friends yg sorang nih, aku anta testi, xnk plak die bls2..tensyen x sudi.sebaik aku org sobarul minal iman. tehee ;)
thats all foe now.chiow.nk pegi kedai dobi.anta lgsir..

Saturday, September 27, 2008

//apa itu cinta.

mood : peaceful

now i can right with my with this things that i had in my college. things were changing and i dind't ask or pray that to happen.i just have Al- Quran to read and hold with as i will feel calm besides the greatest God creation.kalamullah.
In Beseri, i learned lots of thingabout my matured me in every aspect.the way i think, the way i sort things out and the way i adapt with problems.thank you beseri.
friendship is the hardest to keep was even harder than you keep a thousands pesos from a bank that you steel.seriously.i tried to keep the friendship as bloom as it can. i've failed to do's not that i don't want to be friends with just that i can't find my way, my intention. All i can do is lagh non stop.i noe it's fun.i had a great time with them.then, i started to realize that things change for believe in urself.if u think what u do is rite,then, go on.
Manusia kadang2 lupe, Allah bg keseronokan sbb nk bg peringatan.Mereka x pernah fikir. i'm not saying that to just for a particular beseri,after all crushing things with boys, I believe, Allah opens my heart n meet me with this one guy...he's kind, sweet, and gentle. i was deeply in l***E with him.As this things go on, i realize that, i need to change. So, i realise that lots of things do give advice.well, that's my mom...people always lie.
that's important.i got to off. wanna go out. chow. see u again :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

//balik raye.

ok..actually i've not touch this lovely keyboard foe 4 month..believe it or not..i'm back home.leaving beseri 4 two weeks foe raye! hehehehee....feels great.ari nie aku xde mood nk memblog..

saket hati jap!



Tuesday, June 3, 2008


ohhh...Ya Allah, berikanlah aku katabahan dan semangat untuk berjuang dan menghadapi segala dugaan dan cabaran yang mendatang. The word that always come out from my mouth when i prayed to get Allah's bless.Life is not easy as you think it will be. Life is full with obstacle and you have to face it whether you are ready or not ready. Be prepared because sometimes bad things do happen in a wrong time.i just have to be strong and accept good and bad in life.Allah know what is the best for me. =)

Sunday, June 1, 2008


ntah pape ntah aku hari nih..nebes x tentu pasal..tunggu result yg x sampai2..tensyen aku ngan pak cik posmen tu! arggghhh! adoi..yg len sume da dpt..aku rase cam nk explode je..jantung aku mak ai..tuhan je yang tau..aku mkn pon xlrt..jadi pendiam buat seketika sampai adek aku tanye..."asal ko arie ni?? senyap je..??" aku pon dengan selambanye buat muke bodoh pastu terus tido samapi mimpi2...mcm..WTH..aku xsuke result!aku x suke menunggu...someone??? rase mcm nk menjerit je....

did I shout it out loud???

Saturday, May 31, 2008


hari ni...blur..tatau nk membebel is saturday and ade weeding kt depan umah aku so, my lovely darling ibu kene buat dat gubahan things and i have to help her lg..but its fun eyh...dpt mkn buah..huhuhu...buah dgn byknye! hehehehe...x breakfast lagi..tetibe rase lapar..sad things, burger x cukup utk my sister..wait..sejak bile jd kais pagi nih??? xdela..actually i've ate it last night so, x ckp satu..xpela..sacrifice sket..heheheh...just got a cup of nescafe..oh.oh-nice! refreshing dear! huhuhuhuhuu. got to help my mom, gubah! chow dulu! ;)

Friday, May 30, 2008


hari ni pon mcm bese mcm hari2 sebelomnye..daily rutine. paling best masak nasi goreng sendri..waah! sadep seyh..pujian dari adekku "sedaplah kakak"..hehe..malu aku dapat pujian tu..dah tgh hari, ibu beli nasi beriani..peehhhhhhh...sedap seyh..ayam goreng die, rangup lagi lazat..brrppp..kenyang dah..adek pegi mandi kolam kat KamaLodge ngan aina. mereka mmg excited mcm kene sawan kalau jumpe kolam..ntah pape ntah. aku x siap lagi folio agama.baru wat setengah dah saket pinggangla,laparla...lappie kat depan aku nih pon dah bosan tungu aku taip satu muke surat sket punye lama daa....aiyo...terasa lapar..nasi beriani ade lagi..nyumm..chow! :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

anyone would do

hari ni bosan...buat house chores as usual,kemas katil,jemur kain and ayah bought nasi lemak with telur mata kerbau! nice seyh..hehehe brrrrp..kenyang dah..hari ni rase malas nk wat homework tp much to do..novel! i'm addicted to it english novel,mates and dates,x abis bace..tu sume gara-gara novel cinta melayu! waaa....bile nk abis??? tataula..lps nih kene msk nasi pulak,basuh pinggan and baru start doing my homework...xde pape nk cite dah.chow! chores is waiting..tehee.. :)

wait! anyone remember how to do account??? does penyata pendapatan?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


yesterday, i went to Sg. was fun [very].went there with my mom and izyan.Well actually to pick two of my sister ther having some Kem Sahabat Alam...i was like having a crush with this one guys who is the facilitator of my sister group..but it was only a day crush ok! not so long..he was kind a cute man,20 years old, orlando bloom-like face and hair[seriously]!whatever it is, my heart is not ready for any man in this world yet because something hurtful had happen to me and i regret it...vaul to myself to not open my heart for any guys yet...most important is,study and have a good result for my better future.chow! =D

Sunday, May 25, 2008

cowok idaman...

ok..first or all,sorry angah.i forgot that i've been taged by you.

now,a guy? need a break! what i hope to have are :

  • first and foremost .beriman. this is becoz, for me,kalau dah beriman,he can be everything that a girls want.a perfect guy that you would ever found in this world.wasn't i right? =)
  • of course, he must be someone that love me deeply and accept me as what i am.he doesn't care eventhough i am not pretty or i am not perfect.*p/s : this is a must!
  • hmm...of course, every girl want their darling hubby to be a good looking guy.same goes to me.i'm looking forward to have a guy that have good looking and my dad perhaps??? nggeeeee =D
  • smart! this is soooo damn important...have you heard of "smart is the new sexy"???..ok then,that's it.for me, a smart guy is sexy enough.they are hot when they hold a book and read it!
  • kind,respect people and atheletics....huhuuhu..that's all.

this is all i need in a guy that i will fall in love far....i found no one.i always pray to Allah so that i can find my mr.perfect! amin...

what is it with friends.

ok..i'm home finally.releasing my stress after a whole terrible weeks at school.seriously saying, this is the hardest time i've ever face through out my entire life.sad wasn't it?? what to do =(
this is how my problem flows :
1st, its a week before my first semester exam.everything is like messed up and i of course get stressed with tones of probs.on that time, i really hope to have a friend that can comfort me and give good adviced to me...but it end up to be in different way.a friends that i really love,the person that i respect betrayed was hard for me to accept it.she does not realise it.thnx you for realizing me that u r actually not the person that i thought to be.she talks bad behind me.she is a stabber.i just can't forget what she had done to me...but the most hurting is,she is pretending to be an angel-like in front of me..and well done to you,i've been blurified by your fakeness.the things that she done is too "hard" to say.from that moment, i just kept hating her and i've hit myself on the mirror and bleed myself and it satisfiy me.i did not feel the pain because my heart feel the greatest pain ever.i'm misereable and i did not trust anyone at that her, thank you for leaving a scar to my heart.a scar that can't be healed hurts me much. i just can smile for what she have done because whatever happen, i would not ever did the same thing that she done to me. =)
after what had happen, i'm lucky because i found a friends that appreciate me as what i am and cherish every moment that we have
together.syira, tasya, thank you for always be there for me when i'm in need...
i'm trying to be a tough girl,this is what syira gave me :

life is about changing your inner hate with love
and most,
life is about ignoring discrimination and building confidence

Saturday, April 26, 2008


BREAK from BLOGGING! i need some me time ;) [obstrict & gynecologist]. wish me luck.SPM 10 1A ! ...amin...

Friday, March 14, 2008


hari ni..tatau nk ckp pe..i'm just mmg memblurrkan..idea yg kreatif lg inovatif satu pon tanak kuar...bosan!blurr!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a walk to remember ;)

ok...story nih..serious sedih! sape2 yg x sedey tu..xde feeling lgsg kot! i watch dis move utk kali yg ke 5 with my dearest friend,dibalala...

i tell u..OMG!!! mmg best ! this movie make me cry,i mean us!...ntah mcm mane bole turon plak air mate nih...but seriously..i just love the director! credit to you mr. director!

the song..only hope...xbley bla...i just kept crying if I listen to it...the way the story flow..just make me kept watching it! the actres n actresses are so well together :) i just love them...well, three things that i like bout this movie is :

  • the actor,shane west.ok...he's not really handsome..but, his attitude..i wonder, is ther any guy like him in the world???(wondering)

  • the actress, mandy damn lucky! i wish i was in her place except that i don't want to die.. :) can I ???

  • the love...cinta mereka sgt hebat! wow! can I get that kind of love too???(again..wondering!)

all that question is running inside my head n luckily it doesn't break ! i n deeb can get a true love like dat movie! huhuhu ;)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

ape yg berlaku???

ok...although i'm not supposed to talk about politics bcoz i'm not 21 but hey! i'm still warganegara MALAYSIA...bakal pemimpin(cheewaah).the election is like ok n unfortunately BN had a big lost...saya geram! perasaan bercampur baur...i'm thinking..whut is goin to happen in this 4 years before the next election.My uncle sit for the election for ADUN in Lubuk Merbau and he lost in that.I woke up this morning n my ibu said : kakak, ade berite menggemparkan....pak lang kalah...and i was like..whut the heck! tetibe rase saket otak..well, i'm so suprise sbb my uncle dah pegang dat post for about 17 years..i think..x sempat kire ( i'm bad at calculation...anyway!) but still,why are they choosing another person..hmmm...whatever it is, i can't blame the voters...they vote for what they think that is good for, just watch n see whut is goin to happen...n still MALAYSIA BOLEH! ( hopefully ) n pak lang, way to go! caiyo!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

shit does happen!

hari ni adalah hari moody sedunia di mana segalanya tunggang tebalik! gosh! saket hati nk mampos... faktor utama penyebabnya ialah...SIM CARD HILANG!!! kepale otak dah tebelah due,still the card are not found...mane pegi??? missing in action! siot betol! saket je dah dapt and i'm figuring something out tobfind my little simmy yg entah berjalan mane hale n tamau balik ...sim!sim!sim!...da la jarang balik..tup2..sim xde..mau mesej mcm mane??? adoi...hidop mmg mcm ni..ade kot bende baek yg nk dtg...tunggu jela..aku dah xblh bersabar...SIM??? where r u??? i'm gonna find u! tunggulah!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

life as f5 student

what a great thing to be a form 5 student is, u can do what u want and u feel free...
org pernah ckp,bestla nnti jadi senior...but, i don't feel it...not yet kot...however, one thing da i noe is, f5 is a time where we have no life at all...everything is on the book...
we own our destiny...what a world...susah hidup macam pon da x byk da bile f5...everything is limited...temasuklah, TIDO!!!sacrifice is all we need now...
homesick tu mmg kene tolak tepi..adoi, i can't imagine it...bulan 3 x xpela..
opah cakap : xpela...itu satu pengorbanan utk berjaya.Sounds
ade betolnye...huhu ;)
hidop mmg macam nih.Kalau x rase susah,kite xkan senang dan kalau nk senang, kite kene rase susah dulu...!