Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a walk to remember ;)

ok...story nih..serious sedih! sape2 yg x sedey tu..xde feeling lgsg kot! i watch dis move utk kali yg ke 5 with my dearest friend,dibalala...

i tell u..OMG!!! mmg best ! this movie make me cry,i mean us!...ntah mcm mane bole turon plak air mate nih...but seriously..i just love the director! credit to you mr. director!

the song..only hope...xbley bla...i just kept crying if I listen to it...the way the story flow..just make me kept watching it! the actres n actresses are so well together :) i just love them...well, three things that i like bout this movie is :

  • the actor,shane west.ok...he's not really handsome..but, his attitude..i wonder, is ther any guy like him in the world???(wondering)

  • the actress, mandy damn lucky! i wish i was in her place except that i don't want to die.. :) can I ???

  • the love...cinta mereka sgt hebat! wow! can I get that kind of love too???(again..wondering!)

all that question is running inside my head n luckily it doesn't break ! i n deeb can get a true love like dat movie! huhuhu ;)


[i.l.y.a] said...

ohoh! cerita ini mmg sgt sedih okay! feel like cryingg.. sobb sobb...

alah kakak.. there's no guy like that lah.. trust me!

kalau ada pon.. percentage dye, 0.0000000009% out of all world mens population kot.

soo... just so you know..

nak cari boyfriend.. mari kita kenal betul2 dulu...

cewahh! :p

syud said...

hahaha..ade..dun worry u'll find 1..pray okay!!Amin!!