Sunday, May 25, 2008

what is it with friends.

ok..i'm home finally.releasing my stress after a whole terrible weeks at school.seriously saying, this is the hardest time i've ever face through out my entire life.sad wasn't it?? what to do =(
this is how my problem flows :
1st, its a week before my first semester exam.everything is like messed up and i of course get stressed with tones of probs.on that time, i really hope to have a friend that can comfort me and give good adviced to me...but it end up to be in different way.a friends that i really love,the person that i respect betrayed was hard for me to accept it.she does not realise it.thnx you for realizing me that u r actually not the person that i thought to be.she talks bad behind me.she is a stabber.i just can't forget what she had done to me...but the most hurting is,she is pretending to be an angel-like in front of me..and well done to you,i've been blurified by your fakeness.the things that she done is too "hard" to say.from that moment, i just kept hating her and i've hit myself on the mirror and bleed myself and it satisfiy me.i did not feel the pain because my heart feel the greatest pain ever.i'm misereable and i did not trust anyone at that her, thank you for leaving a scar to my heart.a scar that can't be healed hurts me much. i just can smile for what she have done because whatever happen, i would not ever did the same thing that she done to me. =)
after what had happen, i'm lucky because i found a friends that appreciate me as what i am and cherish every moment that we have
together.syira, tasya, thank you for always be there for me when i'm in need...
i'm trying to be a tough girl,this is what syira gave me :

life is about changing your inner hate with love
and most,
life is about ignoring discrimination and building confidence

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Nqb...da one n only... said...

Hey Ainun...who's dat girl????I think u were too fast to jump into conclusion.....take ur precious time to reflect and ponder....dun juz think bout her flaws,but urs as well....1 fact bout frenship is it will never dies!!!!

I hate to see an enourmous genuine frenship been broken by DEFAME!!!!Pls listen to my advice,to the betterment for the future...HEV A PRUVY CONVERSATION WITH THAT FREN.....N TRY UR VERY BEST TO SOLIDIFY THIS RELATIONSHIP...PLZZZZ...I BEG YOU.....