Sunday, May 25, 2008

cowok idaman...

ok..first or all,sorry angah.i forgot that i've been taged by you.

now,a guy? need a break! what i hope to have are :

  • first and foremost .beriman. this is becoz, for me,kalau dah beriman,he can be everything that a girls want.a perfect guy that you would ever found in this world.wasn't i right? =)
  • of course, he must be someone that love me deeply and accept me as what i am.he doesn't care eventhough i am not pretty or i am not perfect.*p/s : this is a must!
  • hmm...of course, every girl want their darling hubby to be a good looking guy.same goes to me.i'm looking forward to have a guy that have good looking and my dad perhaps??? nggeeeee =D
  • smart! this is soooo damn important...have you heard of "smart is the new sexy"???..ok then,that's it.for me, a smart guy is sexy enough.they are hot when they hold a book and read it!
  • kind,respect people and atheletics....huhuuhu..that's all.

this is all i need in a guy that i will fall in love far....i found no one.i always pray to Allah so that i can find my mr.perfect! amin...

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