Sunday, March 9, 2008

ape yg berlaku???

ok...although i'm not supposed to talk about politics bcoz i'm not 21 but hey! i'm still warganegara MALAYSIA...bakal pemimpin(cheewaah).the election is like ok n unfortunately BN had a big lost...saya geram! perasaan bercampur baur...i'm thinking..whut is goin to happen in this 4 years before the next election.My uncle sit for the election for ADUN in Lubuk Merbau and he lost in that.I woke up this morning n my ibu said : kakak, ade berite menggemparkan....pak lang kalah...and i was like..whut the heck! tetibe rase saket otak..well, i'm so suprise sbb my uncle dah pegang dat post for about 17 years..i think..x sempat kire ( i'm bad at calculation...anyway!) but still,why are they choosing another person..hmmm...whatever it is, i can't blame the voters...they vote for what they think that is good for, just watch n see whut is goin to happen...n still MALAYSIA BOLEH! ( hopefully ) n pak lang, way to go! caiyo!

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