Sunday, September 28, 2008


salam...setelah beberapa kesalahan yg aku tlh lakukan di post yg lepas..aku xkn ulg! dat was awful.semalam, i went shopping with my family..di mane duit bapa aku jadik mcm air terjun kt burmese pool belakang umah aku..sorry dad! heee =D
whatever it is, i enjoyed the time with my family n 4 the first time in four month i met with my sepupu...lebey kurangla.athirah, muizz n azim..missing them much! gilak ah..smbg habis gmpk ah...
to my friends yg sorang nih, aku anta testi, xnk plak die bls2..tensyen x sudi.sebaik aku org sobarul minal iman. tehee ;)
thats all foe now.chiow.nk pegi kedai dobi.anta lgsir..

Saturday, September 27, 2008

//apa itu cinta.

mood : peaceful

now i can right with my with this things that i had in my college. things were changing and i dind't ask or pray that to happen.i just have Al- Quran to read and hold with as i will feel calm besides the greatest God creation.kalamullah.
In Beseri, i learned lots of thingabout my matured me in every aspect.the way i think, the way i sort things out and the way i adapt with problems.thank you beseri.
friendship is the hardest to keep was even harder than you keep a thousands pesos from a bank that you steel.seriously.i tried to keep the friendship as bloom as it can. i've failed to do's not that i don't want to be friends with just that i can't find my way, my intention. All i can do is lagh non stop.i noe it's fun.i had a great time with them.then, i started to realize that things change for believe in urself.if u think what u do is rite,then, go on.
Manusia kadang2 lupe, Allah bg keseronokan sbb nk bg peringatan.Mereka x pernah fikir. i'm not saying that to just for a particular beseri,after all crushing things with boys, I believe, Allah opens my heart n meet me with this one guy...he's kind, sweet, and gentle. i was deeply in l***E with him.As this things go on, i realize that, i need to change. So, i realise that lots of things do give advice.well, that's my mom...people always lie.
that's important.i got to off. wanna go out. chow. see u again :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

//balik raye.

ok..actually i've not touch this lovely keyboard foe 4 month..believe it or not..i'm back home.leaving beseri 4 two weeks foe raye! hehehehee....feels great.ari nie aku xde mood nk memblog..

saket hati jap!