Saturday, May 31, 2008


hari ni...blur..tatau nk membebel is saturday and ade weeding kt depan umah aku so, my lovely darling ibu kene buat dat gubahan things and i have to help her lg..but its fun eyh...dpt mkn buah..huhuhu...buah dgn byknye! hehehehe...x breakfast lagi..tetibe rase lapar..sad things, burger x cukup utk my sister..wait..sejak bile jd kais pagi nih??? xdela..actually i've ate it last night so, x ckp satu..xpela..sacrifice sket..heheheh...just got a cup of nescafe..oh.oh-nice! refreshing dear! huhuhuhuhuu. got to help my mom, gubah! chow dulu! ;)

Friday, May 30, 2008


hari ni pon mcm bese mcm hari2 sebelomnye..daily rutine. paling best masak nasi goreng sendri..waah! sadep seyh..pujian dari adekku "sedaplah kakak"..hehe..malu aku dapat pujian tu..dah tgh hari, ibu beli nasi beriani..peehhhhhhh...sedap seyh..ayam goreng die, rangup lagi lazat..brrppp..kenyang dah..adek pegi mandi kolam kat KamaLodge ngan aina. mereka mmg excited mcm kene sawan kalau jumpe kolam..ntah pape ntah. aku x siap lagi folio agama.baru wat setengah dah saket pinggangla,laparla...lappie kat depan aku nih pon dah bosan tungu aku taip satu muke surat sket punye lama daa....aiyo...terasa lapar..nasi beriani ade lagi..nyumm..chow! :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

anyone would do

hari ni bosan...buat house chores as usual,kemas katil,jemur kain and ayah bought nasi lemak with telur mata kerbau! nice seyh..hehehe brrrrp..kenyang dah..hari ni rase malas nk wat homework tp much to do..novel! i'm addicted to it english novel,mates and dates,x abis bace..tu sume gara-gara novel cinta melayu! waaa....bile nk abis??? tataula..lps nih kene msk nasi pulak,basuh pinggan and baru start doing my homework...xde pape nk cite dah.chow! chores is waiting..tehee.. :)

wait! anyone remember how to do account??? does penyata pendapatan?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


yesterday, i went to Sg. was fun [very].went there with my mom and izyan.Well actually to pick two of my sister ther having some Kem Sahabat Alam...i was like having a crush with this one guys who is the facilitator of my sister group..but it was only a day crush ok! not so long..he was kind a cute man,20 years old, orlando bloom-like face and hair[seriously]!whatever it is, my heart is not ready for any man in this world yet because something hurtful had happen to me and i regret it...vaul to myself to not open my heart for any guys yet...most important is,study and have a good result for my better future.chow! =D

Sunday, May 25, 2008

cowok idaman...

ok..first or all,sorry angah.i forgot that i've been taged by you.

now,a guy? need a break! what i hope to have are :

  • first and foremost .beriman. this is becoz, for me,kalau dah beriman,he can be everything that a girls want.a perfect guy that you would ever found in this world.wasn't i right? =)
  • of course, he must be someone that love me deeply and accept me as what i am.he doesn't care eventhough i am not pretty or i am not perfect.*p/s : this is a must!
  • hmm...of course, every girl want their darling hubby to be a good looking guy.same goes to me.i'm looking forward to have a guy that have good looking and my dad perhaps??? nggeeeee =D
  • smart! this is soooo damn important...have you heard of "smart is the new sexy"???..ok then,that's it.for me, a smart guy is sexy enough.they are hot when they hold a book and read it!
  • kind,respect people and atheletics....huhuuhu..that's all.

this is all i need in a guy that i will fall in love far....i found no one.i always pray to Allah so that i can find my mr.perfect! amin...

what is it with friends.

ok..i'm home finally.releasing my stress after a whole terrible weeks at school.seriously saying, this is the hardest time i've ever face through out my entire life.sad wasn't it?? what to do =(
this is how my problem flows :
1st, its a week before my first semester exam.everything is like messed up and i of course get stressed with tones of probs.on that time, i really hope to have a friend that can comfort me and give good adviced to me...but it end up to be in different way.a friends that i really love,the person that i respect betrayed was hard for me to accept it.she does not realise it.thnx you for realizing me that u r actually not the person that i thought to be.she talks bad behind me.she is a stabber.i just can't forget what she had done to me...but the most hurting is,she is pretending to be an angel-like in front of me..and well done to you,i've been blurified by your fakeness.the things that she done is too "hard" to say.from that moment, i just kept hating her and i've hit myself on the mirror and bleed myself and it satisfiy me.i did not feel the pain because my heart feel the greatest pain ever.i'm misereable and i did not trust anyone at that her, thank you for leaving a scar to my heart.a scar that can't be healed hurts me much. i just can smile for what she have done because whatever happen, i would not ever did the same thing that she done to me. =)
after what had happen, i'm lucky because i found a friends that appreciate me as what i am and cherish every moment that we have
together.syira, tasya, thank you for always be there for me when i'm in need...
i'm trying to be a tough girl,this is what syira gave me :

life is about changing your inner hate with love
and most,
life is about ignoring discrimination and building confidence