Saturday, October 4, 2008

//raya only come once in a year..i had so much fun during raya..there's a lot of food that i ate samai aku pon da terkembong mcmla belon xpe..ibu kate..makanla selagi boleh makan..wasn't that cool! huhuhuhu...tahon nih aku dapat byk sket duit raye..i mean a lot more than last year.heee mata duitan aku!ade la jgk aku meng snap photo sane sini..heee..seronok aku.raye rumah org xdela byk sgt..but it was a mean time, i was pressured by my cousin who also a SPM victim's. There were all struggling maut and i was OMG! i am not goin to be that kind of bad i am...sheesh..bak kate study smart..xkn waktu raya pon nk bace buku

*p/s : to my dear cousin,don't read books during's time to eat..and eat..and EAT! weeee! ;)

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