Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm sweeeeeeeeeeet

I am craving for dessert. Something sweeeeeeeet ;) *wink wink* memang dasar perempuan demok -_____-"

Caramel Frappucino. T_____T

Chocolate Eclair. Sedapnyaaaaa. tsk tsk tsk

Apple strudle. I'm planning to make this on my own but sadly kena pegi kedai and beli all the stuff. So, malas at the end -__________-"

Pavlova. Boleh je buat sendiri but buah for garnishing tak ada laa pulak +_____________+

Red Velvet. I want ! @___________@

Okay, then last last I just makan nie je because itu je yang ada di dapur plus tak payah buat susah susah

Redcurrant puffs

Digestive biscuits. Nyum nyum ! :DD

Monday, October 10, 2011

I miss you


I miss him. Yes I do. He's one of a kind. He love me for who I am. He makes me happy when some looser's  tease me. He never failed to put a smile on my face. He wipe my tears and console me. He's my tough, handsome man. He's my late Tok Sham.

I still remember the first time he scolded me, he thought that I was gone because he was waiting in the car patiently to pick me up from school. He was worried. Too worried I guess, that's why he scold me. Never wanting anything bad happening to me. I cried that time because I was too naive to know what exactly happening. But then again, that was the first and the last. Opah said, Tok always get upset whenever people compared his grandchildren. For him, we are the best grandchildren that he had. We are more beautiful than any other kids in our age and we are much more smarter than them. That's Tok. If Tok is still alive today, he will surely be proud of his grandchildren. Everyone grew up to be a wonderful person. We miss you Tok.

Tok Sham, it's been like 10 years you leave me. You leave me in a sudden. I did not get a chance to meet you for the last time and say goodbye to you Tok. I miss you, I really do. I guess itu aturan Allah but don't worry, everytime I pray, kakak baca al Fatihah untuk Tok and I pray that Allah placed you with orang orang yang beriman. may we meet again in heaven. Tok, I'll be flying to Australia soon. Kakak nak jadi doctor. If you were alive, you must be happy and will send me to the airport. Tok, I promise I will be a good doctor and proudly say saya cucu Shamsuddin. I still remember you comb my hair and send me to school. Petang petang, we will go around kampung with motorcycles and you will bought sweets for me and kaknyah. I was sensitive back then. When andak and cikyang tease me, I'll run to you and cry out loud. You called me Cik Muni and I wonder why but I miss that. I miss the Cik Muni songs you sang to me. Tok, I'm lucky Allah still give me a chance to see you and be your grandchildren although only for a while. I'm grateful I have such a wonderful Tok like you. I borrowed you from Allah and Allah take you back, away from me. Thank you Allah for this wonderful gift :') I'm sorry we did not had a chance to take a picture together but your memory are still strong, carefully kept in my heart. Your voice, your face are still clear in my head. Tok, for the 100000000000000000000000 times, I want to say, I miss you and I love you Tok Sham. InsyaAllah, we'll meet again in heaven.

You are remembered by each passing day
In our hearts and soul for you we pray.
Looking back to the days I woke up to you
And to the days you spent with me to.

I'd run to you, and sit on your knee,
Rocking in the chair, was just you and me.
With you I always went along for a ride,
I sat by you, right by your side.

You would hold my hand, and give a good night kiss.
These days remembered, I will always miss.
Sometimes as I remember you, I beg and I cry,
Wishing that you would have never died.

But as the days go on, for you I will pray,
And remember you by each passing day

-By Christina Hintenberger-

Friday, October 7, 2011

Of purple roses;

Assalamualaikum people :) Honestly I've been wondering what to write and I found this picture (above). BE HAPPY people. Be happy and grateful that Allah had gives us the chance to live again, to breath freely, to look upon our love ones, and to capture and catch every moment that you can to make your life worthwhile. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah :) And yes, now I'm happy <3

Sunday, October 2, 2011



Hello people ! Happy day today :) I woke up late today -______- Oh my. but still, i manage to kejar pakcik MPT to throw my garbage away. Weeeeee :D And also, i manage to finish all the laundry. phewwww *angkat kening* So feel very super woman today. Hahahahaha. Anyway, I went to kamal Bookstore yesterday. Yes, yesterday. So, I bought some books. Medical books of course. I bought only 3 books. Cukuplaaa, kan. And, yes. Shockinglyy, tebalnyaa buku. ohhmaaiiigoddd. macam mana nak habiskan nie -_____- Okay, kata pun buku medic, takkan 12 muka surat kot kan. So, i bought anatomy, clinical examination, and histology. yes, Histology yang cell cell tu. Haaaa, the reason why i bought this book mestilah untuk dibaca kan. Takkan lah nak buat display dekat rumah letak dalam almari antik ibu kot kan. Hewhewhew. Walaupun ada few people yang cakap. belum start medic lagi for God sake but I chose not to care. I rather study first, so InsyaAllah, ready for my Uni life next year. Besides, my university practice PBL learning system (Problem Base Learning) you can read here if you wanna know more on this PBL system. Its more on self study and so, i have to start early or else kena tinggal dgn mat salleh mat salleh di sana. So, its a choice laa kan?

Exhibit 1

This one is a DVD, so that you can easily learn the hardest part of anat and physio

Histology :)

Exhibit 2

See how thick the books? Anatomy pun dah macam 4 set buku Harry Potter -_____-

So, they said PBL is hard and i need to study from now or else, sediakan dulang emas so boleh letak kepala dia atas tu berserta hiasan timun dan tomato :| Okay, people. Have to get going. Till then. Assalamualaikum :)