Friday, March 14, 2008


hari ni..tatau nk ckp pe..i'm just mmg memblurrkan..idea yg kreatif lg inovatif satu pon tanak kuar...bosan!blurr!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a walk to remember ;)

ok...story nih..serious sedih! sape2 yg x sedey tu..xde feeling lgsg kot! i watch dis move utk kali yg ke 5 with my dearest friend,dibalala...

i tell u..OMG!!! mmg best ! this movie make me cry,i mean us!...ntah mcm mane bole turon plak air mate nih...but seriously..i just love the director! credit to you mr. director!

the song..only hope...xbley bla...i just kept crying if I listen to it...the way the story flow..just make me kept watching it! the actres n actresses are so well together :) i just love them...well, three things that i like bout this movie is :

  • the actor,shane west.ok...he's not really handsome..but, his attitude..i wonder, is ther any guy like him in the world???(wondering)

  • the actress, mandy damn lucky! i wish i was in her place except that i don't want to die.. :) can I ???

  • the love...cinta mereka sgt hebat! wow! can I get that kind of love too???(again..wondering!)

all that question is running inside my head n luckily it doesn't break ! i n deeb can get a true love like dat movie! huhuhu ;)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

ape yg berlaku???

ok...although i'm not supposed to talk about politics bcoz i'm not 21 but hey! i'm still warganegara MALAYSIA...bakal pemimpin(cheewaah).the election is like ok n unfortunately BN had a big lost...saya geram! perasaan bercampur baur...i'm thinking..whut is goin to happen in this 4 years before the next election.My uncle sit for the election for ADUN in Lubuk Merbau and he lost in that.I woke up this morning n my ibu said : kakak, ade berite menggemparkan....pak lang kalah...and i was like..whut the heck! tetibe rase saket otak..well, i'm so suprise sbb my uncle dah pegang dat post for about 17 years..i think..x sempat kire ( i'm bad at calculation...anyway!) but still,why are they choosing another person..hmmm...whatever it is, i can't blame the voters...they vote for what they think that is good for, just watch n see whut is goin to happen...n still MALAYSIA BOLEH! ( hopefully ) n pak lang, way to go! caiyo!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

shit does happen!

hari ni adalah hari moody sedunia di mana segalanya tunggang tebalik! gosh! saket hati nk mampos... faktor utama penyebabnya ialah...SIM CARD HILANG!!! kepale otak dah tebelah due,still the card are not found...mane pegi??? missing in action! siot betol! saket je dah dapt and i'm figuring something out tobfind my little simmy yg entah berjalan mane hale n tamau balik ...sim!sim!sim!...da la jarang balik..tup2..sim xde..mau mesej mcm mane??? adoi...hidop mmg mcm ni..ade kot bende baek yg nk dtg...tunggu jela..aku dah xblh bersabar...SIM??? where r u??? i'm gonna find u! tunggulah!!