Tuesday, December 2, 2008

//the frreedom

today is tuesday, the second day aku kt umah...huhu..feels free..no more maktab, and no more problems.i'm completely free from everything. (=
one thing that i miss the most is my friends and him of course!
Before i went back, syud had gave me the letter and it was sad.I was crying like a baby. She make me miss her.Adoi!
On the letter, she said :
ainun, jaga diri elok-elok,jage solat,
holds on Quran n mathurat,
lepas nie da xde sape2 nk tego kite or nasihat kite.
and that's what she said...n i realise that i'm growing to be an adult, a matured adult.no more crying, no more manje2. i have to be independent! VERY! the reality is always ugly.
now, aku dah kebosanan di rumah.Doin nothing except on9..(: heaven gile..hari ni konon2 nk pegi tgk wyg kt TS..heee..tp xjadi disebbkan ade 2 org adek aku yg aku tatau nk cmpk mane.xpe2...tomorrow is my birthday n i wish foe hom to wish me..i pray hard to Allah. semoga dimakbulkan. amin. ;)

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ear_fun said...

epy becoming bday!