Monday, January 4, 2010

hip hip hureeyy!


again, i'm here. perhaps the last post [ tipu je lebey ]. i'm goin back to kmb tomorrow without preparing anything especially mentally. i run across the trail through the beech and white pine but i am asking myself which way.oh, some mental eruption. heh! ngeng. oh, nk balik kolej semula. rasa berat nk tinggalkan rumah. haih. sedih pon adela. banyak pulak. entry post mmg tiada kena mengena dgn perasaan waktu ni..heee :)

cuti nie, nothing special happen. mungkin sebab tak berapa nk enjoy. off to penang to see my ayah perform for USM jazz band. then, family gathering to penang. and not to forget, ke cameron highland also for working-vacation. oh, my- entah kenapa setakat vacation, mesti have work and i don't really enjoy it. duhh! tp, bersyukur tetap ade because i still have my family then rather than being ignore by my own family. they still take me and my sister for a holiday, at least to be away from home.

one thing for sure, i didn't do my home assignment which is to read the novel which i think bloody boring. uuhhhh! two novel instead. somehow, regretting is too late and i just have to read it in college i think. no disturbance. make sure to finish it within a day. duuhhhh! like it gonna happen. tp, bolehla. usaha! :)

balik.balik kolej! sekarang! make sure you have strong semangat! jangan nk lemah lemah sangat. nk pegi UK buat cara nk pegi UK! determination please.

p/s : tolongla semangat! haha :)

* i may rite one more post. kalau rajin. ;)