Saturday, December 29, 2007

KAMI's marathon

it was a blast seeing KAMI with my sis...OMG..i've made it..actually its not my idea but it was my sis..and i thought about it and it was great...the story is full of lesson...u should see how ezani acts! stunning...i used to hate not hatela...just x berape suke a guy name with i felt like i'm falling 4 him...haha ;) sorry sis! The endless emotion by the actors n the actress was enough to satisfy me to watch that teenage kind of drama...
ok!!! enough 4 today...better do some other marathons mayb???
just to say..KAMI really into gigs! seriously...

i'm away...Perlis

in a blink eyes...theres just few more days left for enjoying our life at home....with family...i'm gonna miss dat moment for sure...what important now is exam...i wanna do my very best for the upcoming exam and the biggest exam i've ever seat..SPM!!! was like something...something...just wanna wrote short this time...4 everyone that visit my blog..o pray for my success, coz i will for surela...pray for u!!!bcoz i pray for everyone happiness...haha ;)
*good luck to me!~

Monday, December 24, 2007

the story about a liar!!!

ni aku nk story pasal ada sorang budak nih..nama dirahsiakan..huhu..kire baekla aku rahsiakan nama ko penipu! die dok penang...he's a man of course.Die da tipu byk org kt skola die, cikgu,temasukla kazen aku...sian sieyh..tipu org idop2 pas2 org tu pecaye plak tu...nk tau die tipu ape,die kate die ni young orchestrian mane hale ntah.petronas ngan yamaha taja die wat concert all over the world..mak oii..terrornye...yang peliknya,asal aku x kenai pon die???pastudie kate die ni penah masuk majalah vouge sekali ngan daniell radcliffe..huh..OMG!!! can u believe that??? kalau betoi,dalam byk2 majalah vouge...xde pon gamba die...
jadi,aku pon dengan berani pegi kacau penipu nih...aku katela aku nih anak kepada penaja concert...haha..pastu die maki hamun aku plak...pas2 xpasai2 nama bapak aku pon die masuk sekali..aku pon dgn marahnye....aku x marah la die..aku nasihat sket die..bagi die sedar sket...adoi..penipu tu mmg nk kene ngan aku.Kalau aku jumpe die,free2 je kene flying kick ngan aku...sial tolla...bangang!
kalau nk menipu pon berpada-pada la...dan kalau die betol2 kaye,die xkn dudok kt rumah yg mcm..tuuutttt...paling koman pon dok singapore ke..
haisy...budak ni mmg nk kene polish..haha..n kalau die the richest kid in the world,pegila skolah kt europe tu..xyah nk skolah kt malaysia..
p/s : kepada sesiape yg penah meinpu,insaflah anda sbb kebenaran akan terbongkar jgk..huhu ;)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

kepade sesape yg kuat tido & suke tido dlm class...

bacela ni...sebagai tips..hihi =)

Most teens need about 8½ to more than 9 hours of sleep each night. The right amount of sleep is essential for anyone who wants to do well on a test or play sports without tripping over their feet. Unfortunately, though, many teens don't get enough sleep.Why Aren't Teens Getting Enough Sleep?Until recently, teens were often given a bad rap for staying up late, oversleeping for school, and falling asleep in class. But recent studies show that adolescent sleep patterns actually differ from those of adults or kids.These studies show that during the teen years, the body's circadian rhythm (sort of like an internal biological clock) is temporarily reset, telling a person to fall asleep later and wake up later. This change in the circadian rhythm seems to be due to the fact that the brain hormone melatonin is produced later at night for teens than it is for kids and adults. This can make it harder for teens to fall asleep early.These changes in the body's circadian rhythm coincide with a time when we're busier than ever. For most teens, the pressure to do well in school is more intense than when they were kids, and it's harder to get by without studying hard. And teens also have other time demands — everything from sports and other extracurricular activities to fitting in a part-time job to save money for college.Early start times in some schools may also play a role in this sleep deficit. Teens who fall asleep after midnight may still have to get up early for school, meaning that they may only squeeze in 6 or 7 hours of sleep a night. A couple hours of missed sleep a night may not seem like a big deal, but can create a noticeable sleep deficit over time.Why Is Sleep Important?This sleep deficit impacts everything from a person's ability to pay attention in class to his or her mood. Research shows that more than 20% of high school students fall asleep in class, and experts have been able to tie lost sleep to poorer grades. Lack of sleep also damages teens' ability to do their best in athletics.Slowed responses and concentration from lack of sleep don't just affect school or sports performance, though. The fact that sleep deprivation slows reaction times can be life threatening for people who drive. The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration estimates that 1,500 people are killed every year in crashes caused by drivers between the ages of 15 and 24 who are simply tired. (More than half of the people who cause crashes because they fall asleep at the wheel are under the age of 26.)Lack of sleep has also been linked to emotional troubles, such as feelings of sadness and depression. Sleep helps keep us physically healthy, too, by slowing our body's systems enough to re-energize us after everyday activities.How Do I Know if I'm Getting Enough?Even if you think you're getting enough sleep, you may not be. Here are some of the signs that you may need more sleep:* difficulty waking up in the morning* inability to concentrate* falling asleep during classes* feelings of moodiness and even depressionHow Can I Get More Sleep?Recently, some researchers, parents, and teachers have suggested that middle- and high-school classes begin later in the morning to accommodate teens' need for more sleep. Some schools have already implemented later start times. You and your friends, parents, and teachers can lobby for later start times at your school, but in the meantime you'll have to make your own adjustments.Here are some things that may help you to sleep better:* Set a regular bedtime. Going to bed at the same time each night signals to your body that it's time to sleep. Waking up at the same time every day can also help establish sleep patterns. So try to stick to your sleep schedule even on weekends. Don't go to sleep more than an hour later or wake up more than 2 to 3 hours later than you do during the week.* Exercise regularly. Try not to exercise right before bed, though, as it can rev you up and make it harder to fall asleep. Many sleep experts believe that exercising 5 or 6 hours before bedtime (in late afternoon) may actually help a person sleep.* Avoid stimulants. Don't drink beverages with caffeine, such as soda and coffee, after 4 PM. Nicotine is also a stimulant, so quitting smoking may help you sleep better. And drinking alcohol in the evening can also cause a person to be restless and wake up during the night.* Relax your mind. Avoid violent, scary, or action movies or television shows right before bed — anything that might set your mind and heart racing. Reading books with involved or active plots may also keep you from falling or staying asleep.* Unwind by keeping the lights low. Light signals the brain that it's time to wake up. Staying away from bright lights (including computer screens!), as well as meditating or listening to soothing music, can help your body relax.* Don't nap too much. Naps of more than 30 minutes during the day may keep you from falling asleep later.* Avoid all-nighters. Don't wait until the night before a big test to study. Cutting back on sleep the night before a test may mean you perform worse than you would if you'd studied less but got more sleep.* Create the right sleeping environment. Studies show that people sleep best in a dark room that is slightly on the cool side. Close your blinds or curtains (and make sure they're heavy enough to block out light) and turn down the thermostat in your room (pile on extra blankets or wear PJs if you're cold). Lots of noise can be a sleep turnoff, too.* Wake up with bright light. Bright light in the morning signals to your body that it's time to get going.

p/s : time kaseh kerane membace [ karya asal : adibah lala] dan di post kan oleh ainun camcam..huhu ;)

i'm going back to Beseri...soon

adoi mak...lagi seminggu nk blk mktab...sungguh membosankan..aku nk balik mktb tp,nk jumpe kawan je..hehe enjoy ngan diorang.bukan x suke kt mktb tu,tp...there's somethin wrong with dat place yg membuatkan aku jadi x best..tataula ape bendenye...
next year da SPM..omg..takut tu xyah kirela..bile masuk je kt mktb tu,sume plan yg aku dah plan musti! dijalankan..haha =)macam mane la org laen boleh go through SPM dgn mcm begitu sng skali..huh..aku nih yg blom f5 da saket pale da pikir masala yg bakal dilalui kt sane...
aku x saba nk jumpe kwn2..huhu..bestnye..gelak sesame..hahaha =))
best! pas2,study sesame waktu prep...make sure ia adalah prep yg sgt berkualiti! huhu..[konon]mcm bole jadi insyaAllah jadila..AMIN!!!!
so,to all my frenz..samat berjumpa pada 2 Januari..huhu..sgt suke hati..lalalalala =)

*ainun munirah ; 10A1
Good Luck batch 23
MRSM Beseri
n especially to :
4 noble '07 =)

Monday, December 17, 2007

3k1..huhu ;)

now...aku nk story sket pasal kelas aku wak2 aku form gile kelas 2...sume org dalam kelas ni amatlah sporting...syok kwn ngan diorang..x kedekut ilmu..huhu..aku amatlah bertuah masuk kelas ni...every competition,menti kitorang yg terover sket..haha...and the most important things..ape2 pon occasion..our class akan menjadi penghibur utamanye...haha samapi org da bosan tgk muke kitorang nih..walaupon ade yg agak memalukan,tp kitorang bantai least org gelak jgk...bukanle nk jd dummies,tp just 4 fun...huhu..tu sbb sume cikgu sayang

kelas ni jugak jd taruhan cikgu 4 straight a's..adei macha..berat do kitorang do it well dlm semua berkat kesabaran cikgu2 yg susah payah aja kitorang sampai dapat good result..maseh ye cekgu..huhu..special dedication untok sume cikgu sakinah,pn rahimah,pn chew, pn jamilah,pn haslina,pn ang,mr chan,ustazah maleha,pn noraini...and jugak kepada sume cikgu f1 n f2 yg dah mengajar kitorang..

dalam kelas ni ade mcm2 jenis manusia..genius ade,kuat gelak ade,macam-macamla..aku kawan baek ngan sume yg pling rpt ngan zoo,pikah,syuhada,afira,meira n pu3..haha..kitorang cam musketersla..haha..then ly lalink..huhu..sgt syg die..kekadang aku tmpng die,kekadang die tmpg aku...tgk betapa baiknye kitorang,tablemate...gaik tian..slalu aja aku..may fang pon..haha

bee nee,dash,sophia,maggie,chuah,reena,nadwa,nur,ain nadiah,ying ning,calyn,ee lyn, n sume bdk cine yg lain...mmg baikla ngan aku...xde discrimination...xde sifat perkauman...haha

budak2 melayu plak shikin,azeera,intan,n sume la klass 3k1 mmg rock..sporting habes..huhu...2la yg menyebabkan kau syg sgt kt diorang...kelas kitorang ni byk suke dan pling byk sukela..haha..kelas yg paling bising...sume pon adela..macam-macam ada!!!haha...

jadi kepada kwn2 aku kelas 3k1 yg bace blog aku ni...aku nk ckp yg aku amat merindui anda!!! huhu ;)

sayang anda!!!

*3k1 rox my sox!~

cuti yg membosankan...

Cuti kali ni..nmpk cam bestla..sbb jauh dari maktab yang buat aku sakit otak dgn mcm2 kerenah manusia yg x sudah2...

aku pon tatau nk ckp camne dah...cutie nie igt nk cover balik form haprak pon x jadi..tu la namenye hangat2 thi ayam..jgnle jadi cam 2...aku penuhak n mase cuti nie wat hmwok yg x penah2 nk siap...asal pon aku tataula..pas2 wat kerje SEM kt KL nun di tu pon aku buat separuh je..yg lain group member aku yg wat..sbb aku bknnye dok KL...time kaseh la ek kepade group SEM aku..xyah la sebut name..sbb da populer aku plak la yg pecah kepala n kene buat proposal..dah la projek mengalahkan bdk nk buat master...aku nie dah la tak tahu pape...hentam sajala labu...janji proposal 2 siap....

mane-mane hale pon..deeb,aleen,tiq,sepp...mesti tolong aku punyer...tula namenye kawan sejati..ahakz!saket pale aku nk piki...x dtg2 idea 2...agaknye,aku kene wat bende alin dulu...xpon..mmg bukan masenye aku buat bende tu...

kawan2 aku sumenye dah struddle study 4 next year...aku nih...entahla...pape pon pulun kt maktab nnti...aku tamau pulun skarang..buat saket otak aku je...lagipon waktu ni time cuti...aku ade jgkla tusyen addmaths...gilo makhang..byk seyh aku lupe..alhamdulillah..aku dpt jgk cover chapter tu..aku bersyukur sgt..muahahaha....

aku pon sgt rindu kt kawan2 aku..especially nobelian..mereka sgt rock! tataula aku mane nk cari lagi classmate cam diorang tu...sgt syg pada mereka!haha tetibe bahasa baku...walaupon org ckp cikgu x suke kitorang...huh..x percaye lgsg...buktinye..cikgu sayang je kt kitorang..
adoi..sape2 jela yg suke ckp cam 2...pelik aku...

BPM pon same...ya ampun...walaupon kecoh tp havock...aku adalah salah satunye...timbalan presiden lagi...ingat BPM ni lekeh ke..syd BWP pon join tau!!! diela yg bg kitorang semangat nk fact...each n everyone of us dalam group tu work together-gether..huhu..
sayang menyayangi...pape pon...BPM ni sumenye pandai2 belaka...x caye...tgk result SPM kitorg....bkn nk insyaAllah..Amin!!!
da nk balik mktb dah pon...can't wait to see all my friends...huhuhu ;)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

we are miss whatever!~

it happen on 5 december 2007, me n deeb hanging out at Mid was a blast..huhu..rite deeb???

we went there by bus..rapidKL.haha aku mcm bodo x reti naik bas...then kitorang pusing punye pusing sampaila ke mid...then nmpk pokok rambu2 yg sgt cantik,so kitorang surohla pak cik pengawal 2 tolong tgkp gamba..terror jugakla pak cik 2...hihi..then kitorang pegi shopping..GIRLS,MISS WHATEVER..who is what we are...haha di mana we bought our same pencil case...awesome..then kitorang ke JUSCO n we saw that cute small pink nike bottle n we should buy it waktu tu tapi malangnye duit x ckp..but watch out bottle..wait 4 us!!!! we gonna buy you soon!~

then kitorang mkn2 di secret recepi...of course it was nice tp deeb xlrt abis coz die da time kitorang nk mkn cake je..haha kn deeb??? it was such a fun time together with mase x cukup, aku pon balikla...n deeb balik ngan rapidKL die..

back again...

i dunno what is in my mind...seems hard for me to think of i have to sacrifice it???

should be..huh?? stop that, ainun !

i was in KL for my projek SEM for bout 2 weeks...mule2 memangla seronok..konon2 nk enjoy kt KL but end up bored like hell!tapi waktu kt umah kisahnya , kami berlima ke UM untuk projek first day ke UM deeb,my besties x dtg...demam..sian die..xpe...aku,aleen,tiq and sepp pegila mendenga briefing professor yang cukup panjang lebar..i was late hour i guess..ainun,ainun...but the proff was awesome, he teach us lots of things especially chemist..haha

lepas habis briefing , maka kami pon berangkatla untuk pulang dan tibe2 ade rancangan yg x diduga berlaku dimana aku , tiq n sepp ke KLCC for

lepas tu,hari jumaat yg paling best skali..pergi TS..Time Square ngan kwn2 yg aku sayangi..lepas aku rindu ngan diorang..haha

kitorang tgk wayang..cite hantu..apelagi, jerit bagai nk rakla...haha..amoi sebelah ngan posers kt belakang tu da tego..but what 2 do..itulah hukum karma...

we went back about pukul 5..

it was a fun time together with them...

sayang mereka!~

Friday, November 23, 2007

4 noble yang saya sayangi!~

4 Noble..
Kelas yang amat aku sayang..da most havoc class eva!~ i told you...SERIOUSLY..everyone jeles ngan kelas kitorang n they wish 2 be cool is that!!!
aku dalam kelas 2 everyone seems like one happy family...sume orang help each other...
deeb...die kawan baik aku di sana...and selalu kwn baik..hihi..she's always there whenever i need her...kitorang gelak sesame..nangis sesame..huahuahua!!!! arie 2 kitorang kene marah ngan cikgu kt kelas fizik sbb xnak berenti gelak..haha..pas2 cikgu ckp..ha..awak due orang nie apasal xnk berenti gelak nih..kite tunggu sampai diorang berenti dulu..haa..aku pon dgn malunye menundukkan muke dan dengan tanpe rase besalahnye cakap..mane adekitorang gelak..da abis da..waktu tu Allah je yg tau betape malunye aku...pastu..laci kt lab fizik tibe2 jatuh..adoi mak!aku lagile malu...rase nk balik naik lori ayam balik taiping...huhuhu..teramatlah malu tapi xpe..nk wat camne..buat bodo jela..
others..diorang pon same gak..kitorang kawan...our bond sangatla erat..tataula macam mane..
next year,everythings change...kelas ubah...lepas nie sume da tak mcm dulu...betape sedihnya aku..entah kenapa ade org nk buat mcm nie kat kitorang...
buat kelas party sampai dua kali...haha...dalam kelas 2 masing2 ade gelagat masing2...sume pon protect each others..cikgu pon sayang,ade gak org ckp yang kelas kitorang nie terokla..apela..sosial...whut da heck! they are 100% wrong! kitorang x macam 2..kepada sesape yang berkenaan...muhasabah balik ape yang anda katakan..(sejak bile jd alim pon tatau)huhu...
kepada 4 noble...anda sentiase berade dalam hatiku yang putih,suci lagi berseri nih..hehe..
so :deeb,syaf,'aa,dyba,syila,cc,liyana,pu3,qila,fara jew,naimah,suha,far'e,syud-dud,roro,wada,amin,pa'an,nazmi,faiz,anas n of course razreen..hehe

u all rox me!~

ainun camcam yg sgt syg anda sekalian!~

its Malaysian Open man!

dengan rase dukecitenye...aku Ainun Munirah bt. Zulkiflee boley tatau ade Malaysian Open kat Malaysia nih! Terasa amatlah hinenye...Last nite i watch the match between the hottie Federer..OMG!!! die sangatla hot..kegilaan aku terhadap die semakin membuakkan api kemarahan adek aku yang membara2 mcm ayam golek kt pasar malam tuh bile die ckp...kakak, diamla!!!!!!!..n sometimes u are so annoying...huh..bley x die ckp cam 2..kureng asam jawe punye adek!

ps: pastu die jugak yg menyebok kate federer 2 hot! huhu

haa...satu lagi ape name die..Sampras..ape ntah..hehe sorila ek! xbape kenal tula pasai aku x pon dudok asrama, so pengetahuan am pon macam katak puru kt dalam gue kelam yang sentiase kelam tatau ape nk buat... semalam amtla hebatnye walaupon federer 2 macam x nk main jer..menyirap darah aku..aku pon malula gak bile die servis then kene net terbunyila satu bunyi yang amat memalukan aku sebagai warga yang tau maen tenis iaitu...grang!!!!!mak pon x tegang..lowered semacam..huh.pasai 2la die x semangat sangat kot nak men..aku pon tgkla sampai habis dan aku tak habis-habis memuji keHOTan federer yang menyebabkan urat saraf,hormon,organ serta tulang belulang aku di paras yang amat tidak normal...

Kesimpulannye...KENAPE AKU TATAU ADE MALAYSIAN OPEN! sgt kecewa...tahap cipan 14!ya ampun..sgt memalukan!
aku nakle tgk federer tu maen...tapi xpela..da xde jodoh..tgk kt tv pon layanla..
ok...peringatan! kepada sume org,jgnla jd mcm aku nih yang tatau pape..nnti org tanye, malu dowh xdpt jawab...mcm bukan orang Malaysia jer...tatau nk tulis ape da...

ikhlas dari ainun yang sangat menggilai roger federer...kuikuikui =)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

This is foe my friends...

Friends that watch your back

Friends that play with your heart

All act the same from the start

Before you know it some disappear

Others stay beside you for life

Those are the friends

The best friends...

ding! i'm here!~

Huhu..i'm new her..sume nie pasal tgk syud-dud punye blog..tibe2 tringin plak nk buat..hukhuk..
aku tataula nk cite cuti nie amat membosankan..kepada syud yang suda menyiapkan plan itu..TAHNIAH!!! wee...x saba dowh..kepada sesape yang membace ini blog..segala kecacatan amatla dikesali..aku ni da mcm ruse masuk kampong..tatau benda...
lepas nih..kene tunggu result plak da..amatla menyakitkn hati..cannot go..kalu baguih tu xpela jgk nih...sgt mengecewakan hati..huish...(mcm da tgk jer)
itulah saya!!! hahaha;makhluk yang bernama camcam..huihui