Tuesday, July 12, 2011

* once upon a time

Once upon a time, in a far away land live one girl named Aiana. She was shy and not really smart at that time. She lived with her parents and also three of her sister. She went to school and was the least favourite student. She have no idea how maths work. She even fail to divide 10 by 5. I mean, how dumb was that? She can only get the highest mark of 50% on every maths test in the school until madam Rahiey thought that OMG, what actually happen to you. That's how stupid she is at maths. At that times, she hardly even know to speak English. She can only know to say Hello, Good Morning, good night and simple stuff like that. Even, she spoke like a *****. She was sad and decided to change her life. As so, she worked hard to prove that she is not dumb. Like seriously, working freaking hard. Then again, she passed the exam but not really excellent I must say.

She continue her life with more determination. She says "I don't wanna be stupid. i don't wanna be the pain in the ass to my parents". That word really push her up to a higher level and then, she managed to get into boarding school. Its an achievement I would say. Boarding school life was so different. There, she learns little bit about life. She fall in love, she fought with friends and then they became best friend for sure, she laughed and she also cry. She's eager to learn and very determine but one day something happen and it actually change her.

One day in class, a teacher is talking about career thingy which caught her attention. She want to become a doctor and she knows she want it badly. The sad part is the teacher said like this. "In this class, I can see few future doctor's." She was excited because she thought she is one of the "future doctor's" mentioned earlier. Then, the teacher pointed out "You, you, you, you, and you I can say will be a future doctor's". She was not in the "you" list. The worst thing is that she is the only one that is not being pointed. She questioned herself. The least she want to hear is the hope that probably that teacher can give to her. Something that can actually motivate her. She did not give up however, she know she can do it. She know it, deep down. She will prove to the teacher that "You are so wrong, Madam". Final exam is coming and she did passed with flying colour. She went to see the teacher with a few of her friends and surprisingly, the teacher says, "OMG, you passed as well?" Again, heartbroken. She said, "I'll always be dumb, always and forever. I'm not smart and always be. People always look down on me and they will always do"

Until now, she felt that she is not accountable to anybody. People did not care about her, about her opinion or about her idea. People thought that she has the lowest degree of thinking. People don't bother to ask her because she has different opinion than other. She has no match with people who wants to talk about critical issues because she is she. At this moment, she still think that she is she once upon a time.


arlina said...

ainun, you know that i love aiana :)

I think she is independent, working hard, determined, fun, jovial. and when you have all of these, tak payah jadi smart dah. smart is overrated.

kadang-kadang fun jugak jadi org yang org so surprised bila kita berjaya. :)

at least kita tahu, all these while, apa diorg fikir.

and u can choose to appreciate to love those who think differently :)

i love aiana :)

ainun zulkiflee said...

Aaaawwwwww :') Kita pun sayang Aiana and i love arlina as well.

anggun said...

siape aiana ni?? adoyy

ainun zulkiflee said...

Alaaaaa anggun ni. Rahsia ! HAHAHA