Sunday, July 24, 2011

* Idea zaman sekarang


Batuk batuk kerana sudah lama tak update. Duhhh, dasar malas kan. Recently, I kinda love radio probably kerana asyik berjalan ke sana ke mari and travelling all the way to Kuala Lumpur for some real busy business. I just heard this advert about gemuk. it sounds pretty much like this "gemuk, gemuk, gemuk. Eh, tgk anak dia gemuklaaaa... and yadaa yadaa yadaaa" Lebih kurang like thatlaaaa kan.

I am not condemning anybody but I just thought (my opinion really doesn't matter btw) that that kinda advert should be more not offensive. Tak kiralaaaa the iklan tentang gemuk ke or even worst cerita about people's weaknesses. It was not a good idea laaa for me. Okay, kembali ke advert gemuk tadi. I don't say it because I gemuk and felt offended or whatsoever but, there's a lot more way to actually sampaikan the actual message. The idea of the advert is to convey a message saying to actually control what you eat and live a healthy lifestyle but it turns out to be the other way round. People don't actually get the idea. That kind of idea is tooo "brainless" i could say. Try to do some more educational kinda advert. Idea tu kasi laaa brilliant sikit. I mean in a smart way. Insulting is not a good idea of educating and conveying messages that is important I would say.

Ibu said, mungkin itu idea orang zaman sekarang untuk sampaikan message tanpa pedulikan mana mana pihak.

And i said, advert should be natural in a way semua orang boleh accept it.

Well, a short post for now untuk babbling. Just get back from wedding and will be updating more on the wedding ;)

Bye peeps <3

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