Tuesday, June 9, 2009

si butang.


Benjamin Button Pictures, Images and Photos

today, i felt a little bit alive than before. Last night i watch Benjamin Button starring the hot to throb, Brad Pitt and drop dead gojes, Kate Blanchet. Man, that movie really touched me. Sedih amat di pengakhirannya. Although, the movie is quite boring at the beginning but i still want to watch it. This Benjamin who is born to be old and then getting younger as he grown up. And i tell you, Brad Pitt is so not looking good when he's 80. Ooohh! so bad! Somehow, the movie gives some moral value that i can learn. It makes you think more in this movie because it's too abstract. Back to the hero, Mr. Bejamin. What a gentleman which i thought, i too can fall in love with him although he is waaaayyy to old than his age. Somehow i wonder, is there any more gentleman like Mr. Benjamin left in this world??? because i've to find one. haha! anyone???

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Pictures, Images and Photos

p/s : i do wanna ride this bike with him. Jika anda punya motor ini dan anda kacak,
i mean, benar-benar kacak atau sgt kacak,

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