Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Give me a BREAK!


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The title really had nothing to do with my scrabbling. In a blink of eye, there were only one week left for me before I became a college student. Wondering, how life would be there? Hectic? Quiet? Nerd? Wondering too, what type of people there? Geeks? Outgoing? Funny? Fast motion? Oh, I still can’t believe myself. Going out there, struggling and fighting for my future. I didn’t think that I’ll be in going to this path, I mean, in this kind of way. Sometimes I find it pretty funny. Of course it’s a dream come true. I thank Allah for everything that I have now. I’m satisfied, enough said.

She is pristine.

She grow up as a girl who is not that smart who have that ‘wow ‘ factor in herself. A real underdog.

She used to not really use her brain before. Sometimes, people underestimate her.

She tried so hard to improve herself without anyone realize.

She kept trying and trying until she satisfied.

She grows as a teenager by her own experience, a gutter kind of experienced.

She always tried to endure the entire obstacle but sometimes, she failed.

She laugh out loud when she sad.

She is me; Ainun Munirah Zulkiflee.

And I’m going to be what I want to be. That’s a promise.


*adibalala; said...

Uh yeah. That the way girl!

we like to move it, move it.


cheer up like we always do.

aimirokis said...

enun! jgn jadi nerd...
itu saya punnyer..

ainun zulkiflee said...

yeah..aku nk jadi underdog la dulu..tgk cmne..hehehe

aimi ; kamu tidak nerdla...sopan saje..hahaha :D

arlina said...

haha, kadang2 rasa seronok baca blog budak2 yang pergi kmb. can feel what they feel :)

umai said...

btul kata arlina 2...hihi..jom jadi the best among the best kat kmb nant...