Thursday, June 11, 2009


Did someone just give me a wake up call or something?
it did realize me. it freaked me out for a moment.oh, does. ( it's the intro )

again, it turn to be a lousy day for me. i was extremely bored and again watching movie with izyan, brides war. i analyze the movie and ohh, it freakin me out. i thought about it once,twice until i can't even barely think about it. Somehow, i don't want my friendship with my bestfriend turn out to be that kind of way. Can ppl really imagine it. Somehow, that kind of thing may happen to us.

*the story begins with two bestfriend who known each other since they were a kid and dream of everything to be done together. One thing for sure that both of them really want is, getting married at The Plaza on June. So, both of them get engaged and bla..bla..bla..and they went to meet miss st.claire( if i'm not mistaken), the wedding planner. And the crisis happen when both of them got a same date for their wedding and none of them want to back off. Then, the fight start! and bla..bla..bla..until the weddinng day. They both fight at the altar and get back to be a bestfriend again.
( i summerised it up, you've got to watch it!)

of thoughts, bestfriend is like sisters. the bond is just too strong like a noble gas ; a stable electron arrangement. it's the same anology.
whatever happen, bestfriend will stick with each other.

i do have an experienced in which having fight and crisis with our own bestfriend but it actually make us stand to be strong and we both learned and yes, close again.

and of second thought, friends are not to be so perfect with each other because everyone is not perfect and there should be pros and cons. ( saying this through experience..ngeh!)

as the old saying ;
love someone from their weaknesses not from their perfections.

p/s : writing this through experienced. somehow, it's a real bad situation but definitely, it was better than before.


*adibalala; said...

i second this too.
the fact that, we have been through all the hell of time before.

weh, kau kahwin dulu.
tak nak ah nnti brides war. :P

ainun zulkiflee said...

hehehe...ala..aku dulu???

kaula dulu..aku 28..hahaha! :D