Friday, September 2, 2011

Raya oh Raya :)


So, sekarang everyone is sooo in the mood of raya. lagu raya merata rata alam. So, sewaktu raya yang gembira bira that day, my family went to snap snap few pictures laaa. (few?) well, just having some fun because probably next year, i may not celebrating raya in Malaysia :( Okay, takpelaaa, anyways, raya is sooo fun! I got lotss of duit raya eventhough I'm like almost 20.  Ceh, bangga sekejap. First day, raya rumah opah buat nasi beriyani kambing. OMG, sangat sedap. Well, mungkin sebab I yg do most of the cooking kan. eceewaaahhh. Then makan makan, keluar rumah dua tiga tapak then tangkap gambar. And now, I miss the awesomeness of the people there :( Andak, Yeid, Cikyang, Opah, and etc. ramai sgt nak sebut. HAHA Then the raya continues at kampung sebelah ayah :) And, i tell you, seronoklaaa! i love the people there, so fun and awesome :) Dekat sana, you can never feel hungry even for a second. banyak makanan and they like ask you to eat until you kenyang. Then malam malam, mesti tengok cerita hantu while everyone tergolek golek in front of tv atas toto. tahu tak toto tu apa? (google it people) And after that, duit raya time! Semua org will be tadah tangan and salam with aunties and uncles. I think this year is the most memorable one kot. I think I appreciate every single moments that I have in both my kampung :) Disini, kita selitkan fews of the pictures and the rest is in fb :)

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