Monday, September 19, 2011

Bercerita tentang cinta.


I hope everybody is dong well. May Allah blessed each and everyone of us :) Bila bercerita tentang cinta. Apa yang nak diceritakan? Cer citer. Hahaha. First of all, in my humble opinion, love comes with responsibilities. Jadi, to bercinta is quite hard actually. That's what I think laaa. I've experienced to be in the relationship, once but not the kind that i mentioned earlier. It was some funny, lame moments in my life. I'm regretting it. Yes, saya menyesal but it's too late already because it happened. I can't turned back time kan? That relationship thing is the worst that could happen. I did not love him and I did not know why I have a relationship with him. LAME ! -___- It happens when your nafsu tells you to do so. Its fun laa kan having a boyfriend. Everyday text you until you have no time to call your parents. *BAD DAUGHTER* You delay your study and so forth. So, it was ridiculous. RIDICULOUS. You know what I mean, kan? I can't believe I've been there and hopefully not again. Well, kalau or if someone right come along the way okayla, why not. Haha. The truth is, I want a love after marriage. Sounds so nice and very hmm *i can't actually find a word to describe it* :p I believe there's a soulmate for everyone. Semua dah ditentukan Allah s.w.t., when the time comes, the right person akan muncul and you'll be happily ever after :) The love yang kita cari nanti will come as they said good things always come for those who wait and I'll wait patiently.

So for those yang always merungut because you did not have a boyfriend, don't worry! Your time will come and by that time, you will say It's worth the wait ;)

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