Friday, September 2, 2011

Be grateful for what you have


Raya experience was awe-inspiring. I learn lots of thing. I learn that you should be grateful for what you have. On the first raya, family's of Rasdi well not all, few of the family went to visits our sedara mara and we come to this one house. The lights are dim, and the environment looks pretty awful. When I stepped in, sudden feelings of bereaved blows me. The grieve look in the face, add the sorrowful moment.

A tough women she is, I said to myself. She take care of her husband who is half stroke. When everyone wear glamorous baju kurung and happy celebrating raya, she sat in the house wearing worn out clothes and sat besides her other half. She cried when people console her, yes. She wouldn't want any sympathy's but she needs someone who actually understand her, and support her. When I come to think about it, how did she managed? She did not have a stable job, apart of taking care of her husband, she take care of her brother. Siblings are running apart, nowhere to be found. Alone, using all her strength left, she managed. 

All this while, I've been complaining. I should be grateful for what I have because other people experience the worse. As I ponder upon, I have a great life, supportive and loving family, and awesome friends. Being grateful is the least that I can do. So people, let us be happy for what we have now, and who we are with. Allah can take it away from you anytime. So, Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah. I've been blessed all this while. Please help them who needs and give them strength to live. Amin :)

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