Monday, September 26, 2011

A beautiful reminder :')

I found this blog from one of my friend and yes, I cry when I read the post. It touched my heart and I decided to share it with you, yes YOU :) Well, you can go to this blog (click here) for more awesome posts :) 

"Dear sister,

I know its hard. I know you look at the pictures of the models and the celebrities and wonder why you can’t look like them? I know it physically hurts to sometimes refrain yourself from plucking those brows or to put on that hijab and abaya. I know how it feels when your best friends are extremely pretty [Mashallah] and you’re standing next to them, feeling like nothing. I know how much complements and attention can light up your face. I know sometimes you have to give up being able to wear a certain thing because it isn’t appropriate. I know it gets hard to walk outside with no make up on, with your natural face, thinking it’s not good enough and all of your flaws are showing. I know. 
You know what else I know? I know you’re beautiful, regardless of what you think of yourself. I know that even the slightest inclination of pleasing Allah in yourself increases that beauty ten-fold and I know that when Allah finds you beautiful, it’s all that matters. You’re not doing this for the world, remember? You’re not even doing it for yourself.
Imagine your beauty on the Yawm al Akhirah when your face would be glowing and radiant with noor, when you would be more beautiful than the hoor and you would realize that it was this world really wasn’t worth the drool.
Dear sister, I’m proud of you."
-Asra F.

May Allah keep us firm in His Deen, May Allah make our good deeds heavy on the scale, and May we all attain Jannah, inshAllah. 

-Destination Jannah


[i.l.y.a] said...

thanks for sharing kakak. very inspiring :)

ainun zulkiflee said...

welcome angah :)