Wednesday, June 22, 2011

* Makcik, nasi lemak ni berapa banyak kalori ?


I think I have so much of a leisure time until I felt that I had too much to write about. Well, I was browsing the online Malay Mail just to check out what's happening around me and what not. So, I came across this article about labeling the calorific value on each food in the school canteen. As so, it was announced by our own Health Minister, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

Okay, see that? Seriously. Malaysian need to be healthy and according to my research pun, most of Malaysian died of obesity. I think the government did a good job for creating this idea and teach the kids to eat healthy food and have a perfect balanced diet. bak kata orang melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya. kan kan? According to this article, by advising the canteen pakcik and makcik to label their food will help to build a culture of healthy eating and help them learn the importance of good nutrition. I second those. hands up !

But, to what extent this calory thing can help them? (errrr, macam RQ la pulakk) What I mean is that did the kids in the school really understand it? And do they really see those labelling before they buy nuggets or nasi lemak during waktu rehat? Yess, that's the question because it happens to my own sister a.k.a Bab (Debab).
Today I asked her about her canteen. The conversation is more or less like this:

Me : Bab, kantin kamu ada letak calory value dekat food tak?
Bab : Adaaaaaa
Me : aaaahh, so hari ni makan apa dekat kantin?
Bab : Adik makan nasi ayam. Sedap
Me : (gasp) Nasi Ayam?!!! (macamlaa dulu tak pernah makan nasi ayam kan, kecoh je kakak ni). Tengok tak kalori dia berapa?
Bab : Ohhhh, tak. Adik lupa. Tak penting punlaaa kakak. Janji dapat makan. Heeeee

So, Jadi, apakah? Tak penting? What??? Who's to blame? Makcik kantin? Pakcik kantin? My sister aka Bab? Whoooooo?

In this case you can't really blame anybody because its everybody's fault I think. First of all, some may argue and blame government for implementing such a crazy idea. seriously, I've heard it.

" Blergghhhh, letak food calory? habislaa budak budak tak dapat makan" or like this "macamlaaa budak tu hairan, merepek" and it went on and on and onnnn.

and some may blame the makcik and pakcik canteen for selling fast food. Like hello! Anak kau jugak yang suka makan fast food kan. They are just doing their job. Cari makan kasi anak diorang pulak makan. Am i right?

The main things to be highlighted here is actually the eating habit actually comes from home. Parents sometimes teach their kids to eat fast food because probably too busy with work, no time to cook. Fast food is fast and delicious.
Even us, we tend to find something that is easy for us and tastier. we did not care about the value. Probably some of us do care about eating organic food and read the calorie intake but speaking for myself, i don't. So, i myself need to change my eating habits and make my life more healthier :) As so, we as an adult have to introduce good food to them so they can grow up in a healthy way.

am gonna start calculating my calorie intake for today. What say you? have you start? :)


anggun said...

ainun.. kirim salam dekat bab..huhuhu =)

ainun zulkiflee said...

HAHAHA, okay okay Anggun ! :)