Tuesday, April 6, 2010



today, im in mood to talk about IB. Bleerrgghhh. Bosannyeee. IB, apasal la kau susah sgt eh??? Tetibe rase mcm nk SPM balik..bole x??? baikla pegi buat SPM dari duduk seksa buat IB. Sebelum nie, i don't feel anything yet which, mcm,,oh, belajar je laaa. Byk ckp plak kan knnn..now, amik kau!
Here's are the list of things that i should do in IB and to be submitted :
  • IA Economics ( Internal Assessment )
  • EE ( Extended Essay ) - Psychology
  • World Literature
  • TOK essay ( Theory of Knowledge )
  • CAS untuk dihabiskan :)
Oh, man. Letih tau x duduk sini. Stress sume ade. I LOVE my life. Imagining yourself as 19 years old student who stuck in the life where an adult should be. Bole x??? What a world.
Haaaaaaa, however, i think its better to be susah now than susah later. kn kn kn???

ok, have to go now. IA economics to go :)


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