Sunday, March 14, 2010

when peccadillo make things worst.


according to my last and previous post mengenai seorang sahabat yang i thought you know. hmmm
we had a talk and i thought it was ok. everyhting was clear enough for me and my sahabat too.

we bersalam salam and i thought we had no hard feelings after this.

ape yg shock adalah, we are so distancing with each other. I thought it was ok already. I wonder what is it with those forgive and forget thing when you still can't accept it. i know its hard to accept what did i just said to you but i think you do understand it and realize it was your mistake and of course i've done my mistake too. a big one. Sorry for that

sepatutnya kita baik and i thought that you are so angry with me and perhaps because you can't accept what i've just said to you. but, its a good thing to know who you are actually and now i noe and i can learn from it. i learn from my mistakes and others and i don't get the thing that you're trying to do now. i'm confuse.

to you, i'm still your friend anyways :)


syud said...

that's exactly how you sort thing out nunun..=)BANGGA2!!

ainun zulkiflee said...

syud, do you noe who i mean in this post??

haha, i learn from a mistake syud :p

syud said...

kau igt aku nujum ke??haha