Monday, August 3, 2009

new life ; new hope :)


hello people. it's been a month since i don't write anything on my blog.

i don't have anything to write honestly but maybe i should write a bit about my new life.

I'm gonna start with my block first. i was placed in block D where all the girls are juniors. My room is D219 which is just far away from the main entrance whereby you have to take stairs and walk until the end of the world where there's a view of kelapa sawit and the jogging track and other stuff.
I'm lucky to have my roommate :D very sekepala! xbole move on! haha! miss arlina arshad or ali. gadis pink yang suke pakai selendang and sentiasa comel tu...that's my roommate la! haha :) i love the people there, baik, friendly and they were one of the best thing that happen in my life :D

From room to class. i was placed at M09D which i think full of marie curie's and albert einstein's. serious! mereka bijak! HEBAT! i'm sooooo thankful that Allah placed me in the class because so far i can mingle and mix around with everyone. thanks to seha, my deskmate yg asyik dgn pinknye walaupon i always tease her..haha! my buddy ; dodol! amni yang asyik dgn jaja nye dan teman ke mane2..haha!~

Ah, one more thing. i was in the choir group. haha! lwk x??? i noe my voice wasn't like mariah carey tp perasan sedap sudahhhhh! i was also one of the tennis member yg x berapa reti nk maen tenis and sometimes, i ashamed myself in front of everyone while playing it.haha :D

So, basically, that is my life at kmb. i think i have enough. Enough of little thingy that can make me survive at kmb. i'm gonna start a new life and raising new spirit. the hopeless is hoping for a new hope to be true.

i'm trying to be positive and think ahead ; the future :D


arlina said...

yang penting
kite xleh move on
kite bru perasan, awak punya blog

the hope by the hopeless
pastu blog kite, bottle of hopes

cool taaak?

awak kite mmmg bersyukur gile dpt roommate awaaaak tau. :)

AxL VoGa said...

eh, ko ke yg nyanyi time koir kemerdekaan tu???

ainun zulkiflee said...

arli....btol la..xbole move on..
mngkin mmg jodoh kte roommate ngan awak..

cool gile kot!!! hahaha :D

kite pon bersyukur dpt roommatteee ngan awak!!! rindu awakla...boleh x mcm tu???? hehehe :D

ainun zulkiflee said...

oh..AxL Voga..
yup..aku yg masuk choir tu..dn yg memalukan diri kt ats pnts..hahaha!

btw..ko ade pegi eng. carnival tu kn??