Tuesday, August 4, 2009

new born baby ; arissa qaisara


yesterday was indeed a good day for me and too all my family ; opah, ibu, ayah, semuala...and especially to my dearest aunty and uncle - andak and uncle ajun. congrats!

although at first, it was a nerve racking moment. My aunty was attended to labour room and for 7 hours, at last the baby came out but with the help of vacumm. it was scary actually at first when the baby is nearly to come out but my aunty loses her breath and failed to push and, the baby went back inside...haha! kelakar plak rasenye....haish...at last, dgn doa dan kesabaran, the baby pon keluarla and see the world with the wight of 3.15kg and length of 53cm. She finally comes for real! but eventually, the mommy was sent to OT because the placenta

My andak had decided to put her name as what i've told her before back then when she still pregnant. oh, cooooll x??? Her name is Arissa Qaisara with the meaning of permaisuri dan azam yg kuat. Good name though. i really thought the name suits her because she was sooooo cute and i want her to be very determine and success in both dunia and akhirat.insyaAllah.

As the matter of facts, something suddenly bugged my head. thinking of how old i am compared to my cousin. OMG! by the time i'm 28, they're just 9 or 10!!! adoi, serious, x bole move on! hahaha :D xpela, by the time i become a doctor, bole treat them all ; my sepupu. haha!

Well, i'm glad to have her as my cousin. Her birth is one of the best thing that happen in my life and somehow, giving me a breakthrough to what i will be some day.

Arissa Qaisara ; you have such a beautiful name ( sbb saya yg bagi ) haha! i LOVE you.


syud said...

baby!!!ehh..forgot to mention ur future babys' name ke??ngahahha.. tuut bt tuut..kahkahkah

ainun zulkiflee said...

syud!!! ko jhtla...

lmbt lg syud..nnti2 la...biar aku bg name kt sepupu dulu..haha!~

*adibalala; said...

wah nama meriahhh.
tunggu la anak aku nnti plak k?

Nabila said...

eh nama anak aku tu.
budak2 zaman skarang mmg canggih

ainun zulkiflee said...

deeb..pe name ank ko nnti?? aku tnggu ye..haha!

nab!!! mmg canggih..kalau dulu..timah la..zaitonla..hehehe :D