Monday, August 8, 2011

Will this be the last Ramadhan?


Its never been too late to talk about Ramadhan. As I promised, I'll post something about what i've read in Solusi. To be honest, reading the articles make me ponder upon who I've been for the past 20 years I lived as a Muslim. When I was a kid, Ramadhan was a blast because my sister and I are counting days to raya. The fasting part was just I would say a routine. Like ultimatum. Not to mention that I did fasting, I do solat and all. It's just that that raya part comes first.

I then here will summarize what I've read. Its about who we are when Ramadhan come to us. How we handle things when Ramadhan say hello. What would happen if this is the last Ramadhan? Are we freaking ready, people? As i read, lots of things are running through my mind. Everything's come like a flashback. I remember every single thing that I've done. How are we celebrating Ramadhan this year? Not even 2 weeks Ramadhan came, we had started to think about what to wear during Raya. langsir barulah, perabot barulah. Everything has to be baru. The thing that we supposed to do is left behind. Ramdhan ini, pintu taubat terbuka. Pintu syurga Allah terbuka luas untuk hamba-hambanya. This is the time for us to chase it and kumpul as much pahala as we can but, did we tkae the chance? Did we?

Jika ini Ramadhan terkahir kita, layakkah kita untuk menginjak syurga Allah? Sudah bersediakah kita untuk berhadapan dengannya. Bulan yang penuh rahmat ini hanya datang sebulan sekali. This is for me to ponder upon as well. People might say, Syawal pun datang setahun hanya sekali but, its different with Ramadhan. Actually, I could like talk a lot but i might leave it so that people can think. my writing may not be that good. In fact, tak bagus pun but just to share something. Just to ask few little question that should be answered by each and everyone of us, Muslims. I leave it here. Till then.

Love and salam Ramadhan people :)

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