Sunday, August 28, 2011

Double post. I LOVE FOOD

Saja gedik today nak post lots of stuff especially food. That day breakfasting at TGI was a blast and lagi best because dengan sepupu yang sangat awesome. So, let the feast begin ;)

 My salad. Dapat free with main course :)

 Soupaaaa. Tomato soup kot. Tak surelaaa apa nama, tapi rasa tomato. HAHA

 Muizz with his hungraayyy face. Grrr. Hihihi

 Let's see

 My main course sizzlinnn HOT ! Hehehe. 

Athirah's foooooood ;)

The food was okay. Not badlaaa. i mean sedap okay. Should come here more often lah. All i can say is good food, good time, and good company :)

Okay, dah. bye ! 

Happy RAYA ! :)

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