Tuesday, September 29, 2009

; of the beat. clear your mind and let your heart speak

When mouth shut, everything seems to be little perky. I’m at most doing my math HL and people can imagine how hard it was. Damn HARD! Is it ok to caps it? Haha! Denying the truth or fact is so uncivilized. I’m trying to be decent with environment and people. Talking about this math thingy somehow annoyed me. Not to be that judgmental or being self centered every time the algebra flash my wits but I am telling the truth. Sometimes, I felt sick of not knowing what exactly math is. However, I’m still learning though as all my heart and soul truss and constrain everything, every thought that I have to know all but eventually, knowing a quadrant of it is enough.

Last week, I went to KLIA by reason to send my uncle to Sunderland. I guess, it his fate and his hard work that brought him there. I’m glad and so contented. Everyone is feeling ecstatic that day although they felt sad because somebody in our family is leaving. At KLIA, everyone was all around it and I can see all those type of people. Everything went fine for a moment until, it’s time for them to leave. The atmosphere was poignant as everyone is hugging and crying. I felt sad though but I’m so happy to see all those people going to oversea, somehow it's a jealousy. They raised my spirit after all. On and on, I hop over to the world that I’ve never been too. Back to my previous story, learning math is way much better than having such a trouble like them on going to oversea. It hard though. Imagining yourself begging for bank loan and hoping for the visa’s to be on the dot. Well, I can’t. Seeing those people really makes my heart wide open and this is the time when my mind is clear and my heart speaks. All I have to do is just learn. By hook or by crook, I must and I will have to do it. And, dadada! I’m on. Simple! So, I’ve changed my paradigm and let just enjoying our moment learning the pureness of math and the language of algebra. I know its sound a little fraud but it actually the epitome of life and shared it to be cherished.

xoxo, ainunMENAWAN ;)

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