Tuesday, September 29, 2009

bercinta :)


title blog ini saje ditulis tetapi tiada kaitannya langsung. I don't know why, but makin lama, makin la aku nie kering idea to write in this blog. oh my, terrible! however, i want to write today just to tell you that we won! congrats everyone.haha! Ape yg korang mngla??? haaa, our choir team had won the first place for Sambutan Kemerdekaan and kami gembira. Thanks a lot to Syaza and Sam for teaching us to get to the right note. oh, you have no idea how hard it was. Pheww! But, alhamdulillah, we manage to get it right. Not to forget, my choir members, arlina, seha, syahira, juliana,chew fang, manul and also azam. I had lots of fun training with you guys and hopefully we will be together later and perform together.

Next topic, bercerita tntng my post title, bilalah saya ni nk bercinta????

aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! tension!

but not la like bercinta thingy, i mean, bercinta with my books!~ ahahaha!
i want to bercinta again with my math, chem and blablabla...so much to give my love too...aiyo

*but maybe, i will like be more triple kali serious this time. Seriously in relationship with books. Hopefully b'cause final is just in two month time. Takutla mak! tp, mak kate, dh takot belajarla! apela yang ko buat lagi ngan komputer tu..haish!


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