Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the feelings.

I’m a little bit sad today which I don’t know why. I surf the net a moment ago and went to KMB portal. Those thing that happen there crepe me out. The student there and the environment. Oh, it was hard for me actually. I started to think deep and wisely…am I taking the right path or else. Am I good enough??? Good enough to be with all the future student of KMB…I felt like crying. I don’t know. No reason at all. Sometimes I thought that maybe I should just study in Malaysia and I don’t have to think about this oversea issue. Ayah seems really happy and ibu too felt the same way. As I sat here and writing craps, those ideologies came to me again. I have lots of feelings inside me. It’s like stuck and couldn’t come out because there was a big and huge barrier beneath it. I felt scared, anxious, and a whole lot more. The questioned here is can I do it?? I’ m going to the most prestigious college for IB (international baccalaureate) in medicine. I know, deep down inside my heart, I can do it…it’s the matter of time that will reveal it.
Ainun, I’m writing this to you, Ainun Munirah Zulkiflee. Wake up and be real...looking forward for any opportunities. People give you the chances because they know you can do it. That’s why. Maybe, there are reasons Allah send you there. It’s because, you are chosen to be one of the overseas student. InsyaAllah…one day…

Ayah said, in this world, there’s nothing that can be done easily. Everything needs work. So, work hard. Failure is a way to the road of success but try not to be the failure and learn from every mistake that you’ve done.

Ibu said, we are normal people and tends to do mistake. Work smart and think positive. Ignore people that irritate you because they are no one in your life. Don’t forget Allah because He is the only one that can help you.

I say, in my life, I live for the sake of my ibu and ayah because I really love them. They will always be in my heart and mind because they give me motivation and spirit. They are my hero and I want to become their hero one fine day. Mind always think bad but you know yourself better as heart always speak the truth. Follow your heart and in God wills you will succeed!

My name is Ainun Munirah binti Zulkiflee

Soon, I’ll be going to Kolej MARA Banting

With hopes, desire and passion, I’ll do my best

Ya Allah, aku hambamu yang lemah dan hina. Aku mengharapkan redha dan cintamu, ya Allah. Kau berikanlah aku kekuatan dan semangat untuk belajar dan meneruskan cita-citaku ya Allah. Sesungguhnya, engkau maha mengetahui segala isi haitku. Berikanlah aku petunjuk dan suluhkanlah padaku cahaya keimanan ya Allah, amin.


syud said...

jgn risau nunun!!kita semua ada..aku sbnrnya rasa apa yg kau rasa bila bukak portal tu la..haish..xpe..we've each other ok!!

arlina said...

u are not alone ainun, kita pun tkt jugaak kot. mcm nak pengsan je dgr semua activites diorg. omg, risau gila. and dah la semua yg masuk situ atleast 9as and hebat time interview. so byk competition. omg, kite mcm lagi menakutkan diri sendiri je. hahaa. anyway, mintak2 la semua 10 org beserian yg dpt tu boleh fly. amin

amir said...

good luck!!

ainun zulkiflee said...

huu..tq everyone..aku cuak gile nie..

tetibe ter emo plak tulis blog..haha!

*adibalala; said...

babeyh. insyaAllah we survive there okay. jangan la takut. aku pun cuak doh. serious. waaaa.

Arina said...

all the best!! :)

aimirokis said...

enun! dun worry. kite hidup sama2 ye kat sane nnti?

mmg mereka hebat2... tapi kalu asek2 nak banding ngan mereka x bes laaa...

mari kita bandingkan dengan diri kita yang hemsem lagi menawan nih. lagi bes. kan kan??

nabila said...

xpe2 ainun, insyaallah sume bdk2 beseri bjaya nnt..
confident eyh!
(ceh pndai bg motivasi, sendiri pn x terurus.huhu)