Wednesday, February 4, 2009

i understand :( is kind of a big day for me as a big sister kerana adikku, izyan mengalami mental down yang teramat sangat..she kept crying and i dunno what to do...she was a tough girl indeed..what had happened to her was really hurt..aku tau...die x dpt masuk SBP..and it makes her feel extremely because all of her friends are going out to the new places and too, her bestfriend. i try to calm her but mestila kte tau die rase mcm mane kn???? she thought that all her hard works are not paid off...sometimes i do feels that way.In the sad and gloomy conversation, die tetibe ckp :
" asal ko dulu sng je dpt masuk kn?? mule2 SBP...pastu dpt masuk MRSM...mmg xde rezeki aku kot..."

i was so...hmm..speechless....tatau nk ckp ape..aku hanye mmpu ckp :
"sabarla..rezeki xde lagi...nnti dptla tu" and i smiled at her...

adoi..aku kesian sgt kt die...semoga Allah berikan die only one chance to prove that she is a smart student, and, she have the courage to face the world and the reality..amin..

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*adibalala; said...

chill babe.
mesti ada